Bing Webmaster - All In One Simple Tool For Very Small Websites

Bing Webmaster Tools – All In One Simple Tool For Very Small Websites

When it comes to website cum SEO related tools Google has given many free tools like Google analytics for traffic analysis, Google Search Console for any website errors and performance, etc. There are many search engines but Google is the one used widely, about 90%+ of users prefer Google. Some users refer Google only and some people they don’t care or not aware which search engine are they using, they just open whatever the browser they find and use and some users refer specifically duckduckgo because of privacy concern and some users bing, and goes on.

After Google, Bing is the next most used search engine. Bing has it own tools and improvising itself and competing Google. There is bing tool called bing webmaster. How Google provides separate tools for each analytics, performance, etc, here bing gives all it in one tool itself. Bing webmaster tools has the analytics, but the basic one.

SEO tool, which help you in finding any errors in the website, the mobile responsibility checker, SEO reports, Backlinks, Keyword Research, Site Scan. Now recently it also adds crawls request, crawl errors and indexed pages to performance reports.

There are many tools for heatmaps, now bing has come up with new heatmap tool called Microsoft Clarity Integration. Microsoft has announced that you can now access this tool free within bing webmaster tool. It is added a section to quickly add or access Microsoft Clarity the portal. Microsoft clarity gives a code, that you would add to your site and use. This tool is still under beta, you can expect to see further developments in the coming months.

Bing webmaster tools can also be used to edit robots.txt files and check URLs for errors instantly. This feature allows SEOs to analyse their robots.txt files and validate.

In brief Bing Webmaster Tools contains –

  • Analytics to check the search performance
  • Webmaster tool for URL Inspection Tool, sitemaps and URL submission
  • SEO tool for backlinks, keyword research, SEO reports and site scan
  • Microsoft Clarity Integration for Heatmaps
  • Robots.txt tester for checking the URLs

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