Different Ways To Use Machine Learning In Digital Marketing

Different Ways To Use Machine Learning In Digital Marketing

The terms Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) were known for something related to robots and machines that willing to take over the human race. Today machine learning has already started transforming the way we human live life. Now the technologies built on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning presence can be felt across day to day activites.

Machine Learning and Digital Marketing

More than 25% of companies are already using machine learning at least a part of their sales, leads generation, etc process

Intelligent machine learning applications can also be used in Digital Marketing to increase the outcome of the business.

If you want to improve digital marketing, you need to focus on Analytics, Personalization, and Optimization. And Machine learning can help you with all these. ML can also be used across all aspects of digital marketing, it can be search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (sem), social media marketing (SMM), email marketing, paid advertisement, or even content marketing.

Below are the different ways Machine Learning based applications and techniques can be used in digital marketing

  • High – End Customer Experience:

Delivering a high-end customer experience is one of the main objectives of an organization. Integrating machine learning-enabled chatbots in digital marketing processes like on websites to contact and engage with customers. Many customers want their chat queries to be answered quickly. That is where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based chat software can be helpful.

This chatbot not only helps customers to stay engaged but also allows you to broaden your database without any manual interference. These also help allows customers to transfer calls or chats to human agents at any point during the conversation. Also can be used in marketing like sending auto emails, texts, and follow-ups. This way you’ll always keep in touch with your customers related to your new offers, services, etc

  • Quality Content Creation

Content is always the King. Even now content rules all forms of marketing. Without content just don’t imagine about the marketing. Creating high-quality content creation simply requires hours of brainstorming and deep research. When it comes to Machine Learning tools that can save plenty of time which one can be used in a very crucial time and situation. It might help in improving in creating content and publish.

Machine learning applications can organize information and content, and also eased the way people create content. The autocorrect on mobile, updated docs, and compose Gmail is the best example of machine learning technology. Emails are the most powerful marketing tool.

  • Website Design (Website UI/UX)

The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the website are one of the most important aspects of digital marketing as they are directly related to the website’s search ranking and visibility. Using machine learning tech one can analyze and find valuable insights related to the behavior of users and the performance of the website using advanced tools. This tech will allow creating websites that users find practical and useful.

  • Marketing Automation

If you use marketing automation tools, one can expect more revenue than usual before using automation tools. The reason behind this is the tools are built on machine learning. These tools can decode and learn from trends, suggest actions based on history and past experience, and provide accurate analytics to help to develop strategies and take further actions.

Customer segmentation and engagement, pitching to the exact audience, and sending follow-ups become non-human tasks with advanced ML-based marketing tools. After every implementation, the tool learns automatically and improves further.

  • Optimized Advertising

The traditional way of advertising includes choosing the right ad content and selecting the right channel and platform to display ads but in the Machine Learning enabled different platforms like social platforms, the ML-enabled tools help with reputation management. These tools help in knowing and monitoring followers and non-followers knowing about the services and products; can be tracked by mentioning brands, keywords, hashtags, and related services and products. There is a more chance of understanding and reaching out to the unsatisfied customers and resolving their issues and convert them into happy ones. Also targeting the competitors and attracting their customers.

There are many tools that will help in competitors and help in choosing the right keywords, hashtags, etc and engaging to a right audience.

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