Google ads to remove broad match modifier and phrase match to replace both

Google Ads to Phase Out Modified Broad Match Keywords (Broad Match Modifiers [BMM])

Google has been making changes daily. This time it’s about the keywords. The keywords used to target and set the match types. The different match types were Exact ([ ]), Phrase (” “), Broad Match Modifier (+ + ) and Broad Match

Broad Match Modifier will be replaced with Phrase Match. What this means?

Google announced recently – the broad match modifier keyword match type will be going away.

What exactly Google is trying to explain?

Over the years, google has tried and improved there understanding of intent to make it easier for users to reach the customers. Phrase match will now expand to cover broad match modifier keyword match type.

How does this works?

Currently, broad match modifier match type is indicated by plus sign before the keywords required in the search and phrase match type is indicated by quotes. Broad match is more effective at driving performance – especially when paired with Smart bidding; google has improved in understanding of intent to make it easier to reach the customers. With the improvements that google has been doing from many years, google understand that phrase match and broad match modifier often serve the same cases and reach more of the right customers through a combination of the two. This is the reason google is rolling out changes to phrase match and broad match modifier that make it easier to reach the customers.

Now, Simplifying the match types

  • Exact match for precision
  • Broad match for reach
  • Phrase match and broad match modifier for balance of both.

Now google note that Phrase match will now cover both of these needs, while considering whether word order is important.

With this changes and improvements from google, advertisers can reach the searches – just by using phrase match. So now phrase match will expand to cover additional broad match modifier traffic, while continuing to respect word order when it’s important to the meaning. This makes it easier to reach customers and manage keywords.

Lets see an example (check the screenshot below)

Google Broad Match Modifier to Phrase Match Modifier

Below are additional examples that will help in better understanding

Google broad match modifier match type - phrase match modifier

>Now Question Arises, What’s happening to broad match modifier?

Google says, they’re rolling these changes out slowly over several months

  • Starting mid-February, both phrase match and broad match modifier keywords will begin to transition to this new matching behavior.
  • In July, the new behavior will be rolled out globally and advertisers can no longer be able to create new broad match modifier keywords.

For more information, please check the google’s announcement here.

We suggest the following best practices for setting up campaign for better performance

  • Monitor performance – traffic may fluctuate due to these changes. So make adjustments accordingly.
  • Check the Recommendations page – Google may be trying to help you including the right keywords and remove the duplicate
  • Use Negative keywords – Exclude matches and try to put the targeted and specific keywords only.

Hope, this new changes from the google might give advertisers a more control over which keyword matches to a search and can help reduce account complexity.

Thank you, please leave us your comments or suggestions below.

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