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SEO Checklist You Will Need in 2021

Having only a website without any optimization is nowhere will help you.

Checkout these Search Engine Optimization (SEO) checklists you will need in 2021 and optimize.

Basic SEO – The following checklist you will need are the basics.

  • Set up search engine webmaster tools like Google Search Console (GSC) and Bing Webmaster.
  • Set up Google Analytics (GA)
  • If your website is of wordpress, then install and configure an SEO plugin. (For eg: Yoast SEO, Rank Watch)
  • Generate & Submit the sitemap – This is important for the search engines for indexing, crawling and fetching your webpages.
  • Create a Robots.txt file – Avoid irrelevant pages you want search engine not to crawl
  • Make sure that your website is indexed.

Keyword Analysis & Research – Based on your services or products, etc

  • Checkout and identify your competitors
  • Find the main keywords.
  • Try finding long tail keywords variations – that is where the exact customers are reaching to you.
  • Create a keyword map
  • Identify questions that are being asked – voice search gonna be the next big thing – most of the voice searches are questions.
  • Try finding the keywords with good volume and low competition – if you find that’s the treat.
  • Understand how difficult it is to rank for your target keywords.

Moving forward to Technical side of SEO

  • Make sure you’re using HTTPS
  • Check out duplicate versions of your site & try redirecting them into one.
  • Fix canonical errors
  • Use any basic SEO tool and find errors and try fixing those errors.
  • Improve site speed – try focusing on the google core vital
  • Fix the broken links
  • Make sure website is mobile friendly
  • Try using SEO friendly URL structure – if possible try using keywords in the URLs
  • Add structured data

On Page SEO & Content

  • Fix duplicate and missing meta title tags
  • Similarly, fix duplicate and missing meta descriptions
  • Try to maintain the website content structure into H1, H2, H3….
  • Avoid putting multiple H1 tags
  • Improve meta tags, page content and optimize by putting keywords and proper sentence
  • Optimize images – by naming them, Alt tags and sizes
  • Improve internal linking
  • Fix keyword cannibalization
  • Fix orphan pages – the pages which are not linked from any pages
  • Keep your content updated.

Lastly, Off Page SEO

  • Analyze your competitor’s link which are ranking higher than you
  • Try building the backlinks from relevant high authority sites
  • Link to the social media handles and post updates
  • Set up and Optimize Google my business and Bing places for business for local businesses.

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