What is WooCommerce..? How we can use?

What is Woo Commerce?

Woo Commerce is a open source WordPress plugin, can be use to sell the products through online. Its like a E-Commerce plugin, it is launched on September 27, 2011. So it a fastly popular because its free and just install a plugin on WordPress and configure the products.

Is that Woo Commerce is Free to Use?

Yes, Wo ocommerce is Free to use in WordPress. it is one of the best Functionality in WordPress. We can sell the products via Woo commerce in Online. There are many Addons or plugins are available on Woo commerce. 

How to add a Products on Woo Commerce..?

Yes it is a very easy step to add the products, but make sure all the configuration. 

  • Choose Products → Add Product
  • Add a title
  • Write a short and Long description of the product
  • Choose product type like whether it’s virtual, Simple, Variable or downloadable
  • Add price data, SKU
  • Any sales price (duration of the sale).
  • Add UpSells and Cross Sells Product

That’s all now your product on the site.

How to configure Payment Gateway..?

If on online product you must have a payment gateway to make a payment online. It is onr of the main functionality of ecommerce products. There are many payment gateway plugins are available, such as Paypall, stripe..etc so on may payment methods are available.

For the payment methods you have to take the API keys or credentials from the payment gateway people/company. Once you get the all access that credentials directly add to the related plugin. Before purchasing payment methods please real all terms and conditions.

What about Shipping on Woo Commerce..?

There are many shipping methods are available and we can configure easily, Here user can select shipping methods and place the order, once order is placed successfully order details will be synchronized to shipping based on the user selection.
There are many shipping methods are available such as UPS, USPS…so on.

Woo commerce Supporting Shipping are: 

  •  Shipstation
  • USPS Shipping
  • Shippo
  • UPS
  • Local PickUp
  • FedEx and So on. For more :  Click Here.

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