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What is WordPress? Why & Why Not Use

WordPress is free open source CMS (Content Management System) using PHP Coding. We can download WordPress from WordPress.org,  or else some of the Hosting providers will provide one click WordPress installation.

If you have a plan to create website better my suggestion to go with WordPress, it is easy to configure from Developer or even admin can also configure, create or edit blog and pages on the site via admin panel.


  1. Easy to installation and configuration.
  2. Lot of Free Plugins are available and if required premium.
  3. Available Templates & Themes.
  4. Easy to configure Blog on the websites.
  5. SEO (Search engine optimization) – very friendly to get website ranks such as website traffic, SEO…etc.
  6. Respoinsive – we can easily configure on mobile friendly, there are more plugins are available to configure mobile view for the website.
  7. E commerce – can sell products or goods online, and even can configure online payments with secure way.
  8. Easy to customize the plugin & Create custom (required basic PHP knowledge).

Is WordPress Free?

In One word i can say Yes, why because WordPress is free open source CMS. anyone can we use the WordPress, on the CMS we can get themes and plugins, these are some free and even premium also.

Required PHP server such as APACHE or other. You need to create Data Base before installing WordPress, if the Data Base is configured then only you can completely set up the WordPress.


Disadvantages of WordPress

If we use any language or frameworks we can find the demerits of that, Here some of the Disadvantages of WordPress.

1. Security:  This is the major security issue we can face on the WordPress. If we use more plugins or unsecured plugins, it is a big loophole of the WordPress site security. hackers can easily inject the code and hack the website

2. Site Speed:  This is a common issue we can face on WordPress. SO there are more plugins are available to optimize the site or else we can optimize via coding level also.

3. Updates:  WordPress will release new version with security patches, so every time we need to upgrade the site.

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